Chilcotin Mountains

Join us for an unforgettable snowmobiling experience in the legendary Chilcotin Mountain range. The area is revered for it’s beautiful mountain scenery, pristine forests, diverse wildlife, vast snowy expanses and unspoiled wilderness. All winter, our mountain tops and u-shaped alpine valleys are covered in perfect dry powder and exposed to blue sunny skies with a very low avalanche risk. 500 km of trails provide access to the many lakes, rivers, valleys and mountain peaks throughout the territory.

The Chilcotin Mountains are glaciated rounded alpine mountain tops ideal for snowmobiling with wide u-shaped alpine valleys and high elevation up to 2388 meters on Mt. Sheba. Our favourite alpine valleys for snowmobiling are Slim, Taylor, Lone Goat, Hurley, Noel, Cadwallader and Shulaps.

Extensive snowmobile trails established many years ago by pioneers of the time run through the unique natural beauty and breathtaking scenery of the Chilcotin Mountain ranges. These trails provide access to the many lakes, rivers, valleys, and mountain peaks throughout the territory.

Weather & Climate

Blue skies is the norm in the south Chilcotin Mountains with 99% visibility. Average temperatures are usually around – 10°C

Snow Conditions

Dry powder from December to April

Ranch snow base: 2.5 feet

Alpine snow base: 5 feet +

Avalanche Safety

The Chilcotin Mountains have a lower avalanche risk than the Rockies. We do onsite avalanche testing and training. All the main trails are in avalanche free areas.

Wildlife viewing

The territory on which Chilcotin Holidays operates is vast with 5000 km2 of breathtaking scenery and important wildlife habitat. Playground for a great diversity of wildlife: Grizzly, Mountain Goat, Bighorn Sheep, Moose, Deer and so many others live in the area. Snowmobiling is a great way to go wildlife viewing, offering some spectacular viewing opportunities and the chance to get up close and personal to some real Canadian wildlife.